Double Pipe Heat Exchanger

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We are Manufacturer  and supplier in Gujarat, India. We manufacture and provide a wide assortment of material handling systems to cater to various industries. In its most basic form, a double pipe heat exchanger is simply one pipe inside another larger pipe. The inside pipe carries one fluid, while the annulus between the two pipes carries the other. The heat transmission surface is the inner pipe’s wall. To make the entire device more compact, the pipes are frequently doubled back numerous times, as illustrated in the diagram to the left. A heat exchanger with the configuration shown in the diagram is referred to as a “hairpin heat exchanger.” A hairpin heat exchanger may have simply one inner pipe or numerous inside tubes, but the doubling back aspect will always be present.


  • Boilers and compressors as they have high temperatures and pressures
  • Cooling and heating in process engineering systems
  • Petroleum refining
  • Refrigeration
  • Sewage treatment
Double Pipe Heat Exchanger
Double Pipe Heat Exchanger


  • Double pipe heat exchangers have the ability to manage high pressures and temperatures.
  • They can work with a temperature cross when operating in true counterflow.
  • The temperature of the cold side output is higher than the temperature of the hot side outlet.

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