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Feeding Equipment

We are an experienced Dust collector Manufacturer in Gujarat, India. Leveraging on our cutting edge technology in the production unit and research unit we are able to manufacture dust collection system. Our range is designed to handle heavy dust loads. The dust collection system comprises of blower, dust filter, a filter-cleaning system, and a dust receptacle or dust removal system. Our high-efficiency dust collectors have a capacity range varying from 1 point dusting to more than 50 point dusting and dust collection systems for silo filling by trucks.

OurĀ  Dust Collectors are way advanced and efficient than our competitors. They are economical in price and offer more value to your money.Ā  We offer Dust collectors to MiningĀ  Industries, Pharma, Chemical, Textile, OEMs, Foundry units, Dyes and Intermediates, Pigment manufacturers, Food processing, Mineral Processing, Pesticide manufacturers etc. We have clients all overĀ  India and Abroad.Ā 

Dust collector can be used in areas where there is lot of dust generation due to the handling of solids. This dust is generally very fine and causesĀ problems of in maintaining cleanliness and also results in loss of material. This dirty atmosphere in a dusty area makes working less efficient and irritating. People working in this area may develop lots of respiratory problems. Some typical examples of these are bag charging, Hopper unloading, unloading of material directly from the trucks to hoppers, Jumbo bag unloading, crushing, grinding, screening, transfer points between conveyors etc.Ā 

To counter this kind of Dusting Problems we have very proven and time tested equipment and designs. We can offer efficient solutions to the aboveĀ  problems and solutionsĀ to completely eliminate the dusting from your factory. Please contact us to get a quote. Our executive will visit your factory andĀ evaluate the situation. Then we will offer you the best possible solution.Ā 

Our dust collection system finds their applications in all solid handling Industries.

  • High performance

  • Durability

  • Consumes less floor space

  • CE Marked Components and Entire System

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