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Bucket Elevator

Bucket Elevator - When to use them?

Bucket elevators can handle almost any flowable bulk solid. They’re frequently utilized to transport ores, aggregates, fertilizers, chemicals, biomass, and other materials vertically. Bucket elevators are only ineffective when the material to be transported is sticky or in the form of sludge.

These types of material generally do not discharge well from buckets, instead sticking and causing issues such as reduced capacity, buildup, clogging, and even putting additional strain on elevator components.


When to use?

  • Powders
  • Granular
  • Small Lumps
  • For solids up to 25 to 50 mm Size
  • Cement , Fly ash , Lime , Food Grains , Stones etc.

When not to Use

  • Sticky 
  • Paste
  • High Moisture Content
  • Liquids
  • Filter press cake , Centrifuge cake ,Press Mud , Caustic soda , sand etc.
sticky materials

Bucket Elevator Correct feeding Method.....

Vibro feeder
  • Use Vibro Feeders
  • Use Rotery Airlock Valves
  • Use any other conveyors to feed the Bucket Elevator

Always avoid feeding Bucket Elevator Manually


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