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Bin Activators

We are Bin Activator Manufacturer in Gujarat, India. We manufacture and provide optimum quality bin activator. Bin activator comprises of conical shape discharge zone which is connected to storage silo or hopper through a set of steel hangers. The gap between the hopper and discharge zone is sealed by one special flexible sleeve made of rubber. The unbalance vibrator motor, which is fixed on one side, helps in smooth material flowing through the opening provided at the discharge point.

Bin vibrators, air jets, manual pocking or hammering are also employed for smooth flowing of material which due to inherent nonflowing properties sticks in the activators. However, this leads to the erratic discharge of material with the noisy operation. Our bin activators are excellent in solving material flow problems caused by wedging, compacting or rat holding of material in taper zone at the discharge end of the hopper.

  • High performance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Durability
  • Consumes less floor space
  • CE Marked Components and Entire System

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