Loss in Weight Feeder

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Loss in Weight Feeder

We are Loss in Weight Feeder Manufacturer in Gujarat, India. We manufacture and provide a wide assortment of material handling systems to cater to various industries. The feeder may be classified as a volume feeder or a loss in weight feeder, also known as a gravimetric feeder, depending on the conditions for feeding precision. The feeder may be classified as a twin screw feeder or a single screw feeder depending on the amount of material movement .The volumetric feeder offers a low-cost and convenient feeding scheme for the operation of continuous and intermittent feeding provided the material packaging density is uniform and the final product consistency is not hard on the feeding precision. There are two kinds of volumetric feeders: single screw and twin screw.

The twin screw volumetric feeder is commonly used for a variety of materials with low fluidity, such as powder, fibre, and flake.

The volumetric feeder is easy to clean and repair components, and all parts in contact with materials are made of stainless steel. When horizontal stirring is used to increase the flow of fluid to the screw, the feeding becomes more precise. Vertical mixing would be available for products of low versatility that are easy to bridge. The advanced screw configuration is simple to mount and disassemble, and the screw’s root does not collect material.

A completely closed circular weighing table is used in the loss in weight feeder, which provides consumers with single or double guidance and double closed loop control feeding technology. When issues like PLC signal acquisition latency, slow running speed, and poor anti-interference efficiency are eliminated, and speed input is increased, feeding accuracy and stability improve


  • Use to dose powders, or viscous or liquid products
  • additives, etc
  • In cement plants
  • pharmaceutical industries
  • food industry
  • plastic extrusion
  • soaps
  • manufacturing, etc.
Loss in Weight Feeder

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